SPOILERS Newswire: Gandalf and Frodo are making movies - Berlingske Tidende

I recieved the following in an email from Mr. Frodo Underwood. Below is a bit of the article that he has translated. I have also included the pictures which were with the article.

Just wanted to draw your attention to a big feature from Wellington covering one-and-a-half pages of the culture section in the Danish newspaper Berlingske.

Tidende (available online only to subscribers in the archives of www.berlingske.dk) last Saturday, in which Adam Valdez of Weta is quoted (in
translation) as:

"The Lord of the Rings will contain the most impressive visual effects ever shown on film. It's an immensive task, visualizing a fantasy so realistic, with a throughly animated Gollum as one of the main characters, vivid treeish ents, a fire creature of a balrog and those awesome ghastly spirits the Nazgûl. Not to talk about that spiritual world Frodo as a ringbearer walks into when he takes on the invisiblity ring on his finger. But it is a task we have accepted and which will be completed - not so you say, 'woaw, that Gollum creature, he is really something!' - but so that you think they are genuinely living creatures of meat and blood."

Minas Tirith at Night

Minas Tirith at Day

Minas Tirith

A castle of some sort?
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