SPOILER Week 1, Day 1: Beren's Adventures on the LOTR Blue Screen Set - Company of the Ring: Tol Galen

Beren, webmaster of Company of the Ring: Tol Galen, landed himself a six-week job working on the blue screen unit during the final phase of Lord of the Rings principle photography.

Here is an excerpt of his report about Day One on the job:

Everyone started setting up for our first scene which was Frodo in Balin's Tomb, yeah don't believe everything you hear on the net. They were still filming lots of stuff for the first movie, well our unit was anyway.

Now on blue screen you don't very often have props, but you still have to get the same lighting effects as the rest of the scene that may have been done earlier. So to do this they set up the scene with blue screens for shadows of walls, doors etc. Once they have not too bad a match they have a few rehearsal runs with a stand in, most of the time this is someone who's job it is just to do this, this day we didn't have one so one of the crew was used.

When things are almost ready to go Elijah is bought over, my first look at Frodo in the flesh, and he looks great all in costume. Then we have a bit of a rehearsal and shoot off a few takes, and that's it for that scene. Yeah all that for a few seconds of footage. We them pull down what has been put together for that scene and start setting up for then next one, which happened to be the Khazad-dum stairway.

Please follow a link below to read the rest of this fascinating behind the scenes report.

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