SPOILER Ian McKellen Answers Question About THAT PHOTOGRAPH! - The Grey Book

Ian McKellen: No, it's not me!

Ian McKellen appended the following "news flash" at the end of his latest Grey Book entry. However, his answer does little to resolve the debate, because he talks about actors, not characters. However, note that whereas he firmly denounced the "Arwen at Moria" spy report as being untrue in a recent previous posting, he is not now calling this photograph a fake.


In response to a reporter's query:

Q: Was that Gandalf impaled on the wheel? Is it his death or is he being tortured in some way?

A: No, it's not me, although I was filming on the same location yesterday. Nor, as some have speculated, is it Christopher Lee. He is currently in Australia preparing to film the new Star Wars movie.

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