SPOILER Gimli and Arwen Make an Appearance - Who's Daddy's Little Rich Girl?

Does Liv look like Arwen?

Gimli in his full dwarven splendor!
Here are two great new photos from the April 1st edition of the New Zealand Woman's Day (thanks to Susan W. for the images!); Gimli looks especially dwarven in his full-length shot!

Below is the accompanying article, letting us know that their informant thinks Liv Tyler (Arwen) is "daddy's little rich girl who is used to getting her own way." Read on!

Liv's Bad Hobbit
Woman's Day - April 1, 2000

It may be nearly another year before Peter Jackson's highly anticipated Lord of the Rings hits the screen, yet the hype which surrounds the $350 million movie trilogy is still growing.

As shown here in these exclusive shots--taken by an insider on the set in Queenstown--the final product will be one of pure fantasy and imagination set to dazzle moviegoers of all ages.

"It's going to be excellent," says the source, who worked for more than five months on the exciting project.

"Everything about the film is so unique, and when you see the settings and everything like that, you can appreciate all the detail and work that's gone into it."

While the movie, with its more than 1200 special effects, will be like nothing we have ever seen on the big screen before, the dynamics among the star-studded cast were more explosive than anything the crew could devise.

"There were people trying to impress others all the time," says the insider. "Liv Tyler was probably the most stuck-up one. She didn't like to mingle with the others much. She's definitely daddy's little rich girl who is used to getting her own way."

While Liv, who plays Arwen, Queen of Gondor, had everyone in a spin, other members of the cast had just the opposite effect on the crew.

"Cate Blanchett was lovely and very approachable and Christopher Lee was also really nice."

A special sneak peak of the first film in the trilogy, "The Fellowship of the Ring, was released on the Internet and broke all records for the number of downloads. The the end of the first week, more than 6.6 million people throughout the world had checked in.

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