SPOILER Confimation on Saturday's Set Photos - An Extra on the Inside Reports Back

Speak Friend and Enter...
Remember Saturday's photos? Well, Secret Squirrel #1 sure did... He was there! He was kind enough to email me and confirm our hunches, and also let us know that Mordor is indeed the most rank place in Middle-earth! ;-)

Yup, you guessed correctly, we - about 350 of us - are outside the gates of Mordor (or in this case the yellow porta-loo of mordor as the gates were further down the area available for filming) in our last stand.

I must admit it kind of made me laugh on the second day of filming having to try and imagine having 30,000 odd orcs running at us out of a yellow porta-loo, but ohhhh so fun!

At the Gates of the Porta-loo, er, Mordor...
I tell you, this set of scenes is going to give you goose bumps like it did me. And I saw it as a spectator in the middle of it all (over and over again - and it still gave me the shivers), and that was all rough dialog... I tell you I'm not sure I can wait till 2001, let alone 2003!

Secret Squirrel #1 over and out

I can't wait!

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