SPOILER Arwen Living it up as a Warrior? - Tyler Dumps Fuel on the Battle-action Arwen flames

The hardened visage of a warrior? Or the fair face of a demure elven maiden?
Dave M. emailed in this bit of info from the May 2001 edition of the UK entertainment magazine, Empire... so Arwen fights Uruk-hai, eh? And how shall we all reconcile this statement with Ian McKellen's answer that he can dispel the rumors of Arwen being placed in battle scenes. It seems to me, from the news gather over the last 18 months, that Arwen will be battling her way through parts of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings.

"She's happy to confirm that her Eldarin princess, Arwen, will be mixing it with the best of them, or at least, trying her damnedst. 'I was with Viggo (Mortensen) and (sword fighting coach) Bob Anderson, and I was surrounded by about 20 Uruk-hai who were all hitting me, and I had to attack them. It was terrifying. I just hid
behind Viggo.'

"There were more cerebral trials to be overcome, not least learning the English accent with which Jackson has decided elf royalty speaks. 'It was a challenge for me as an American speaking in a British accent anyway, but as an elf you have to be so erect and centred. We had to move effortlessly and gracefully.'"

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