Some Tiny Spoilers from the Fan Club - Faramir killed by Easterlings

Just kidding about the Faramir part, but message board poster Fisssh gave us the following tidbits from the latest issue of the fanclub magazine:

The two major changes in RotK are addition of TTT material and cutting of Scouring:

* Isengard sequence/VOS is at the beginning of RotK.

* Minas Morgul, stairs of Cirith Ungol and Shelob's lair also in RotK

* "We don't have the Scouring of the Shire." (In case anyone was holding out hope ... )

* At this point, no Ghan-Buri-Ghan. Doubts this will be added in pickups.

Otherwise it follows the book "reasonably well."

Other stuff:

* Shelob will be "the creepiest and scariest of creatures." Based on the Tunnel Web spider of New Zealand. A picture of one of those nasty beasts can be found here:

* Mumakil and Nazgul will have center-stage appearances - more spectacular.

* Post-production should be completed and film "delivered" end of October, early November.

* Also of interest: "We only meet one new character, which is Denethor - and he's only new to those who don't check out The Two Towers extended cut in November!" Sounds like a comfirmation of the Faramir / Boromir / Denethor flashback.

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