Sean Bean (aka Boromir) is Extremely Dangerous - News on Bean's Most Recent Job Before the Cameras

The wonderful Nona from The Compleat Sean Bean was able to visit the set of Bean's latest project, Extremely Dangerous, a four part TV series for British television to be broadcast in the fall. Obviously, he's not in New Zealand filming LOTR yet... though I'm sure it will be sooner than later that we'll see him frequenting the Rivendell set or climbing the Misty Mountains on a blue screen somewhere in NZ. Check out Nona's complete recap of her look behind the scenes here. Here's an excerpt:

So what is Extremely Dangerous all about? Judging by this morning's action, it's about Sean Bean, wearing green overalls, a purple shirt and workboots, fiddling about with some electrical wiring under the road, then sauntering over to an outdoor café to have a word with Ron Donachie, who is sitting at a table having a quiet drink. Which is where the Range Rover with the spotless windshield comes in. As Sean's character (Neil Byrne) and Donachie's character (Gebbert) chat, the Range Rover drives ominously down the road towards them.

Thanks Nona!

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