Sallah Leaving Indy's side! (Updated Sept 6, 1999 8:57 am PST) - Rhys-Davies to be Gimli

I just saw that Aram received some rather interesting information from a fan who claims to have spoken with John Rhys-Davies (perhaps best known for his role as Sallah in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) at the Birmingham UK airport. Check out the full article at Imladris: Lord of the Rings Movie News.

The situation seems plausible enough and the conversation brief enough (heck, I even met Rene Auberjonois--Odo from Star Trek: DS9--at L.A.X. once), .

Honestly though, I'm having a really difficult time picturing Rhys-Davies as Gimli--too much jolly, not enough grit. Plus, his girth is a bit too expansive...

Harry over at Ain't it Cool News has Confirmed that John Rhys-Davies will be playing Gimli. I personally think that he can pull this off. I have seen several episodes Sliders and I think he did a great job in them. I've also loved him as Sallah in the Indy movies. I think this is another good casting choice!

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