ROTK Rules Oscar - ROTK has one of the greatest nights in the history of Hollywood

Fantasy is no longer an F-word in Hollywood. "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" has had one of the greatest nights in the long history of the Academy Awards as it completed an incredible 11 for 11 sweep tonight joining "Titanic" and "Ben-Hur" as the most honored films in Oscar history.

This Oscar sweep has been the culmination of perhaps the riskiest venture in Hollywood history - a $200 million trilogy filmed during a single 18-month period by a relatively unknown director named Peter Jackson - a director previously known more for low-budget horror films than blockbusters. For many Tolkien fans this has also been the culmination of years of intense scrutiny and debate over every step taken by Jackson and crew as they filmed one of the most beloved novels ever written.

The Academy Awards tonight was more than just an honor for ROTK, it was a tribute to the entire trilogy and recognition of it as a film landmark. LOTR has not only been a tremendous critical and commercial success but it is the most successful trilogy ever filmed and will probably define its genre for generations to come - much like Tolkien's books have done in fantasy literature.

Congratulations to all involved for making this incredible night happen.

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