Riders of Rohan hard at work at... Wellington School of Dance and Drama? - Exclusive Interview with LOTR extra

RohanExtra-197 has agreed to let me post this info on the latest LOTR scheduling:

RohanExtra-197: Pre-notice was given today: they're looking at March for me and the others, for six weeks. I'm still not sure for what exactly... but it has to be some of the big fight scenes, what with the weekly practices...

TheOneRing: They've got you practicing weekly? Or they want you for six weeks in March, weekly?

RE197: Every Saturday afternoon for the past few months at the School of Dance and Drama.. where they held the auditions. They're looking at March... For six weeks non-stop, we're to have no commitments.

TOR: they want to FILM you for six weeks? Wow.

RE197: Well, me and the other 200 Rohans... and I assume the other character types.

TOR: Okay, can you explain the "pre-notice" a bit more? They just informed you as to the dates then?

RE197: It was just mentioned that they're looking at using us about March.

TOR: Okay.

RE197: For a six-week, 14-hour day, 6-days-a-week shoot.

TOR: Good god, that's hectic. Sounds like you're getting more coverage than some of the main actors! Hehe

RE197: Well, from the other acting jobs I've done in the past... quite a bit of it is sitting around waiting for stuff to be set up, and retakes.

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