Ray Park expresses interest in trilogy - Darth Maul wants to do LOTR

This news comes to us a bit late, but I found this in Countingdown.com's recent interview with Ray Park aka Darth Maul: (Thanks to VinkFloyd for pointing this one out)

If Ray weren't doing films, where would he be? "I'd probably go to China for a year," says Ray, where he'd continue his Wushu training, a very dramatic, acrobatic, performance-oriented Chinese martial art. And is he doing Episode Two? Not as far as he knows (or able to say). "I suggested they should have a female as the antagonist for Episode Two," laughs Ray. A film he'd love to do is Matrix 2; Ray fell in love with the original ever since he first saw it at Mann's Chinese Theater in May. Another role he wanted was Strider, AKA Aragorn, the wandering ranger of the upcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Who knows... maybe Ray will contribute some of his stuntwork somewhere along the line!
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