Peter Jackson speaks to the American Cinematheque in Hollywood - Wizard News

"Ian McKellen was a problem because he was on X-Men at the time, and we had to start shooting in October and it was clear that X-Men that was running over would run over into Christmas. We had Ian agreeing to do the movie early on and then X-men was pushing further and further back. The reason why it was pushing back was because originally in X-Men the role of Wolverine was going to be played by Dougray Scott and they were waiting for him to arrive on X-Men because he was in Australia doing Mission Impossible II, which was running way over schedule. And then lucky for us Dougray Scott had an accident on the set of Mission Impossible II, fell off a motor bike, broke his arm. That meant that Wolverine had to be recast, to Hugh Jackman, which just sped up that production and we delayed Gandalf scenes and started shooting other scenes and it all worked out. We never really had another choice for Gandalf..."
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