Peter Jackson says "I've had enough success"

Ireland Online published a brief little article quoting the following from Peter Jackson:

"When I was making my first films, like Bad Taste and Just The Feebles and Braindead, I was human and like anyone in that position was always thinking, 'Gosh, I wonder if I'll ever win an Oscar. I wonder if I'll ever make a film that makes $100m (€85m).'

"But in some respects, rather than a burden, it feels like a huge relief to have made big, successful films, to have won Oscars, because it's highly likely I'll never make another in my life that earns as much money as The Lord Of The Rings, and it's a weight off, frankly."

Yeah, can't say I blame him. Now, let's hope that The Hobbit will come sooner than later!

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