Peter Jackson's Comments About Wood; Wood's Comments about Tolkien - More Information about Elijah Wood and Frodo and Tolkien

This quote, from Peter Jackson, has been floating around the net. In it Peter Jackson describes why he choose Elijah Wood to play Frodo.

“In casting this critical role, we knew we had to find an actor of great depth of range to take an audience on a journey through three movies,” Jackson said. "While we looked at many good actors, it was clear from the moment we met Elijah that we had found Frodo Baggins. He has an enormous natural ability to draw an audience into a story and the dramatic depth to hold them there."

Also, if you're wondering if there is any personal interest on Wood's part in being in these movies, here's a quote from the Offical Elijah Wood Website answering the question of what his favorite book is, and who his favorite author is (quote is from 1994):

Well, I'm just starting to get into science fiction. I like adventure and I like mysteries. My favorite book is probably The Hobbit and my favorite author is the author that wrote The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien.

Definitely a good sign for the person who will play Frodo! Thanks to Paul for pointing this one out to us!

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