Over Zealous? - Responding to the Conservation Concerns

I received the following from a fellow Tolkien fan, Michael Davis... Here's what he thinks about all the recent news over Peter Jackson filming on conservation land. What do you guys think about all this hubbub? Talk back in our messageboard.

Over Zealous?
by Micahel Davis

I haven't written to the head of the Conservancy Board yet, for fear of appearing like the Brutish American with no concern for untouched nature, but come on--rare moss? helicopter noise? birds, bugs, and who knows what else? String bogs, for pete's sake? Even when she details what Jackson has proposed she sounds silly: "x number of people for 9 days. . ." If these super-glaciated eco-systems were formed so many millions of years ago by forces strong enough to shape mountains and divert glaciers and rivers, I don't think 9 days of "inadvertent trampling," even if it is with big feet, are going to do that much damage. Do they realize how silly it reads? Apparently not.

Again, I don't want to appear insensitive to the ecological concerns of the native New Zealanders, and there probably will be an impact considering no human steps have been taken there in, what, forever? But I think the impact will be minimal; their concern may also be that once people get a good look at the gorgeous scenery in the movie they may want to come inadvertently trampling in greater numbers, and for a longer time.

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