Official Browser on Astronaut's Wife DVD - LOTR Web Browser to be Released on DVD February 8th

Caught wind of this at Ringbearer... Zentertainment noted yesterday that New Line Cinema will be releasing the official Lord of the Rings web browser on February 8th on the DVD for The Astronaut's Wife. I'm sure you'll be able to download it from the web too, though...

Among the outstanding bonus features we've all come to expect on NEW LINE Home Video's DVD releases, the February 8th release of the Johnny Depp sci-fi thriller THE ASTRONAUT'S WIFE will include a special LORD OF THE RINGS Internet browser.

The browser will be the first of many expected LOTR extras to be found on NEW LINE DVDs that suit Peter Jackson's epic trilogy based on J.R.R. Tolkien's own epic books, offering special, enhanced access to such LOTR content as video commentary from Jackson, cast & crew interviews, and set photos

I look forward to all the Lord of the Rings goodies on those DVDs...
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