NewsWise: Tolkien Expert Unimpressed With Rings Trilogy Films - Verlyn Flieger, professor of English, University of Maryland

Newswise -- Lousy. Poorly written. Poorly acted. Maryland's resident Tolkien expert - English Professor Verlyn Flieger - has these and a few other choice words to describe her view of Director Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. The third and final installment of the Middle Earth saga will be released to theaters December 17. And while fans around the world have embraced Jackson's vision of Tolkien's universe, Flieger has taken a decidedly contrary view of the films. Flieger Says: " I think the (Lord of the Rings) films are lousy, poorly written and in many instances poorly acted. There's also too much emphasis on special effects. That subverts one of the book's great strengths, which is the power to awaken the reader's imagination. These films, in fact, leave nothing to the imagination." (Click below to view her credentials and more information.)
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