NewsWire: Thirty things about Lord of the Rings - E!Online/MSN

Elfstone notified us to the following article at MSN. The article is written by E!Online's John Forde.

The article answers a bunch of questions concerning the movies. Nothing we already don't know. I think it gets a couple of them wrong, but basically it seems right on track.

"1. What It Costs: The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which will take three years to complete, is expected to cost $130 million. That's just over $43 million per flick--a bargain by current Hollywood standards.

"2. When It's Coming: The first of the three films, which will be based on The Fellowship of the Ring, is expected to hit theaters in December of 2001.

"3. When It's Coming, Redux: Shooting for Parts 2 and 3 will finish in March 2001, with the movies scheduled to reach cineplexes by December 2002 and December 2003, respectively. Lunch boxes, T-shirts and video games should arrive much sooner."

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