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The world's his oyster, but Aragorn loves Wellington
Evening Post - June 20, 2002

On screen he's romanced Liv Tyler, but Lord Of The Rings star Viggo Mortensen has a new love in his life - Wellington.

And it seems the windy charmer has found its way to his heart in the traditional route - through his stomach, courtesy of Taranaki St's Kiwiana classic, the Green Parrot Cafe.

Mortensen, craggy swashbuckler Aragorn from the hit film, says he's fallen for Wellington and would live here permanently if he could persuade his young son Henry to leave California.

Barefoot and looking like a 21st century Barry Crump, Viggo tucked into oysters at a Green Parrot window table last night and raved over the large portions and freshness of the food. "New Zealand is the only place I eat shellfish."

Last time he was at the restaurant he had a big party with the staff and they got into some Greek dancing.

"I go there all the time. What was good about the Green Parrot (wasn't) just the atmosphere, the people and the food, but the fact that you can go there as late as 12.30 or one in the morning after long, long days. Towards the last couple of months (of filming) it was 17-hour days. By the time you got out, sometimes people had closed their kitchens, but not the Green Parrot."

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