NewsWire: The Return of the King Soundtrack - Frodo in Watford

It's a long way from Tolkien's Middle Earth to Watford town hall on a grey autumn afternoon. But Watford is where the orchestral music for The Lord of the Rings is being recorded. Oscar-winning composer Howard Shore and the London Philharmonic are in residence at the Colosseum (formerly the Watford assembly hall) to work on The Return of the King, the final part of the trilogy. Shore insists there is nothing incongruous about recording New Line's $300m Hobbit-filled fantasy in such a space. The score was written for a 200-piece ensemble: a 100-piece symphony orchestra (the LPO), a 60-voice choir, a 30-voice all-boy choir, and 10 soloists. "Watford had the size to allow you to record with the orchestra and chorus," Shore explains.
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