NewsWire: Ready, Aim... - NewsWeek reports on how Hollywood has best-selling books in its sights

If Hollywood can refashion underwear model Mark Wahlberg into a box-office sure thing, why can’t it turn a literary best seller into a good movie? Here is what NewsWeek has to say about one upcoming book adaptation we've heard a thing or two about.

Lest they be trampled by outraged fans, the screenwriters for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and The Fellowship of the Ring are hewing closely to the original works. Peter Jackson, the co-writer and director of all three forthcoming Lord of the Rings movies, is using the film’s information-heavy Web site to assure Hobbitheads that their favorite books will not "become a Hollywood travesty of what Lord of the Rings should be." All the same, Jackson says, "The definitive Lord of the Rings is your own private vision. This is just one interpretation."

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