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ORC-WARD: Orc actors had to don nylon bodysuits covered with rubber, armour and makeup and masks.
Orcs must wait for pics
The Evening Post - November 2, 2000

Extras playing orcs in The Lord Of The Rings film trilogy get their photograph taken in makeup and costume as a souvenir, but with one catch. They don't get the photos for two years.

Details about how extras play orcs - evil creatures in Peter Jackson's multimillion dollar project - were revealed on an American website yesterday. About 250 orcs, who had to enact a battle scene filmed near Twizel, had to don black nylon bodysuits.

Spongy grey rubber "orc skin" was placed on top, then each was fitted with costumes and armour. Black or grey makeup was smeared around each extra's eyes before placing on a mask. The final touch was slapping on "non toxic mud and dark blood". Extras also spent half an hour being trained to walk like an orc.

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