NewsWire: New Zealand Television Asks Movie-Goers About LOTR Trailer - TV3 reposts article and video report due to popular request

The first trailer for Lord of the Rings is now playing in New Zealand cinemas. It advertises the coming film trilogy that's still a whole year away. The trailer runs less than two minutes..but it's still just enough to provide Ring junkies with their regular fix.

Today's trailer provides just a quick glimpse, but it's obviously one cool movie. For most it was enough to ensure they'll be back for the full version in December.

"I'd like to go and see it having read the book as a kid, yeah it was great."

"Yeah it was good, makes me wanna go see it."

Previous tidbits have appeared on the web, promoting the Peter Jackson directed $675 million dollars trilogy. So it's not surprising the amount of hype the projects received. although just a trailer there was a big ad in toady's Herald. But has the ring lost it's shine, most seeking big screen entertainment today didn't seem too fussed.

"Well we're from Wellington so it's kind of interesting."

"Moderately interesting."

"Not really I haven't heard much about it."

The trailer previews all three in the trilogy, due out over the next three Christmases.

"It was too short but it caught my attention that's for sure."

"Not too bad, not what I expected I thought it'd be better."

"I've actually read the books and stuff so I'm quite interested to watch it but I don't know why they have it in yearly intervals."

For the curious and the fanatic Lord of the Rings followers the full trailer will be on the Internet from Saturday.

Please click on the link below to see the video clip.

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