NewsWire: LOTR Rates as a Fad of the Year - New Zealand Herald

The New Zealand Herald's Josie Clarke focuses on fads that caught on big in New Zealand. Every year has fads, and the first 12 months of the new millennium were no exception. [Please don't send us emails about the Herald's reckoning of when the millenium started. We at Tolkien Online know that the millennium really started in 2001.]

But we consider one of these fads to be most exceptional.


J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy reached fad status with glimpses of elves and orcs running around the New Zealand countryside.

The secrecy surrounding Peter Jackson's movie ensured maximum hype as millions around the world await the completion of his blockbuster.

Follow the link below to read Josie's entire list of Year 2000 fads.

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