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Twizel's cleaning ladies are the Silmarils of the spin cycle. This was the opinion of the Lord of the Rings cast and crew when they left the district recently.

Top marks for Twizel cleaners
The Timaru Herald

Jenny Pullen, chairman of the Twizel Promotion and Development Association, said the 25 women employed to clean houses used by the cast and crew impressed with their excellent service.

"They are just gems, they did more than clean, they did washing free of charge, they left notes saying there had been odd socks in the wash.

"One sorted out a potential catastrophe when a crew member had turned on a washing machine but forgot to turn on the taps and went off to the set for the day."

Mrs Pullen said the list of incidents of friendly service reported back to Twizel Promotion and Development was extensive.

The cleaners, like others in the town, were true ambassadors for Twizel, she said.

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