NewsWire: Lighten up and leave fantasy where it belongs - - in our imagination

The director of The Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson, and others have stirred up a hornet's nest among mental health groups by repeatedly describing the tormented character Gollum as "schizophrenic", and "perpetuating negative stereotypes of mental illness" by referring to Gollum's schizophrenic nature. It's probably not a good idea (though a common enough form of lazy modern metaphorical shorthand) for Jackson or others to use a medical term for what is clearly a moral and psychological state in Gollum, one in which conscience, love and trust have been almost submerged by the degraded circumstances he's reduced himself to by his terrifying, disgusting and pitiful craving for the evil Ring of power. Gollum is certainly not mad in any real, medical sense of the term, but the character is sinister and pitiful. And indeed it is not the brilliant performance of actor Andy Serkis that's at issue here, or even the character himself, only the reported comments.
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