NewsWire: "Internet Keyword: Tolkien" May Take Browsers To New Line Cinema Website - RealNames Corporation Press Release

On August 1st, RealNames Corporation issued a press release announcing that New Line Cinema has signed on to use Internet Keywords to market their upcoming films.

For example, Web users looking to navigate to the New Line Cinema film Thirteen Days can simply type Internet Keyword: Thirteen Days, instead of the Web address

"Our relationship with RealNames resulted from our interest and need for a better way to reach audiences worldwide," said Gordon Paddison, vice president of worldwide interactive marketing and development for New Line Cinema. "We see Internet Keywords as a great way to lessen consumer confusion online, cut through the clutter, and help us establish a single, simple Web message for Internet users."

New Line Cinema already features Internet Keywords in promotions and marketing of films such as The Cell instead of listing a www address.

What does this mean for Tolkien fans? Undoubtedly this new marketing tool will be used for Peter Jackson's upcoming Lord of the Rings films.

For better or for worse, people searching the Internet for information on Tolkien by typing Internet Keyword: Lord of the Rings (or perhaps even Internet Keyword: Tolkien) into their web browsers and search engines may some day be brought directly to New Line's official LOTR movie site instead of to other Tolkien sites such as this one.

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