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Screen hopefuls . . Dunstan High School pupils, from left, Jenna Hill (16), Cherie Halsey (16), Matt Hellyer (18), Alexander Fergus (17) and Lachlan Macdonald (18) line up for Lord of the Rings auditions in Alexandra yesterday.
The Otago Daily Times
By Dianne King
The Otago Daily Times

Hollywood hit Alexandra yesterday when a call went out for extras for the filming at Poolburn for part two of the $NZ360 million Lord of the Rings trilogy.

From 10am until 4pm a steady stream of would-be extras queued outside the Alexandra Memorial Hall supper room waiting to be auditioned for extras, especially Uruk-hai wild men and Orcs.

Among the hopefuls, during the lunch-break, were pupils from Dunstan High School, keen just to take part.

Publicist Claire Raskind said the extras wrangler Josie Leckie, who was co-ordinating yesterday's audition, praised the Alexandra community for its support of the call for extras.

Alexandra had also given its support to the many people staying during the filming, Ms Raskind said.

About 170 would-be extras turned out for the auditions and all were on a database, as filming proceeds over the next 10 days, she said.

The extras cast varies but there were some scenes where 100 would be needed, she said.

Ms Raskind confirmed the chosen extras would earn about $100 a day, depending on experience.

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