NewsWire: Can McKellen Do Justice To Gandalf? - Boxoffice Online

A Boxoffice Online interview with the cast members of X-Men concludes with Ian McKellen discussing fan expectations of his upcoming role as Gandalf.

As for McKellen, the much-lauded thespian will next appear in the film trilogy "Lord of the Rings" -- a title that inspires the same kind of diehard fan loyalty as "X-Men." "I'm playing Gandalf," says McKellen about his role in the movie, which is based on the beloved series by fantasy novelist J.R.R. Tolkien. "Whether I match up to people's imagined Gandalf from the books, who can say?"

It's an issue that has come up for McKellen in both "Lord of the Rings" and "X-Men," namely whether or not these onscreen versions are doing justice to their literary predecessors. McKellen, however, takes any and all pre-release criticism in stride. "If you're worried that [the film] isn't being made correctly, then you know what?" he postulates. "Don't see the movie!"

After all, he concludes, "Whether Oscar-winner or turkey, the comics will remain."

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