NewsWire: Bus Ride of the Rohirrim Breaks Down - The Press

New Zealand's The Press reports that a busload of extras playing elderly refugees broke down several times on the way home after a day of filming in Methven. Where's Gandalf when you need him?

Compiled by Martin van Beynen

A group of about 50 over-60s, coming back from Methven in a bus after working as refugees on the Lord of the Rings set, could have done with some magical powers of their own. Exhausted after a 3am start, the wrinklies were looking forward to home and hotties when their bus broke down, not once but three times, as the group returned to Christchurch late at night. After the first breakdown, on the outskirts of the city, the senior citizens helped push the bus into motion. When they finally arrived in the city, about 10.30pm, some still with their hair gelled to their heads, they did indeed look as if they had sprung from an alien underworld.

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