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Below is an excerpt of the article written by Army Archerd for Variety dated January 9, 2002:

By Army Archerd, Daily Variety Senior

With a pocketful of rave reviews, Ian McKellen winds his stand in ``Dance of Death'' on Broadway Sunday; he also has a delayed start on the ``X-men'' sequel -- postponed from next week until May. It gives him time to enjoy ``the unusual'' accolades the dramatic actor says he's getting from young audiences as Gandalf in ``The Lord of the Rings'' and Magneto in ``X-Men.'' But, having talked to Peter Jackson, Ian may have to wing to New Zealand for some ``pickup shots'' on the second ``Lord.''

McKellen admits, ``I've loved everything I've done but to be in the most popular movie in the world makes me smile. I came out of the theater the other night and was wearing my Magneto overcoat. A 9-year-old boy saw me and said, 'Cool!' That does it!''

I asked him who did he think would win an imaginary fight between Magneto and Gandalf? ``I'd put my money on Gandalf. I'm so in love with him.'' He hasn't yet seen the other young people's favorite, ``Harry Potter (news - web sites),'' only because he's been ``working so hard.'' But he plans to see it now.

He also asked Robert Altman why he wasn't in the (almost-all-British) 'Gosford Park.' Altman told McKellen, ``You were unavailable.''

The actor has received many award nominations already and receives a lifetime achievement award Jan. 31 from the Bookers' Club in N.Y. ``I guess after a lifetime achievement nod is an obituary,'' he laughed. REUTERS

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