News from Within: The Word on where Mordor will be Shot - Images of Mordor in New Zealand (and also what those wetsuits are all about!).

One of our insiders, The Necromancer, who's already been confirmed as having a role in the movie, has contacted us with this awesome information: he says that the word around the set is that the location for Mordor will be a mountain on the north island of New Zealand called Mt. Ruapehu (a mountain which erupted only 3 years ago)! Check out these pics! Sure looks like it could be Mordor.

You can also check out the Ruapehu Volcano-cam that overlooks the mountain day and night.

Secondly, he also clued us in to the use of those mysterious wetsuits. And no, it's not for that scene where The Shire is flooded by the rapidly rising banks of the Brandywine (what? you don't remember that scene? ;-) ). The Necromancer tells us that it's for scenes which take place in the Dead Marshes.

Many thanks to The Necromancer for all this info!
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