More Rain is on the Way - LOTR may need to prepare for another deluge

David from New Zealand sent us this bit of news on the current weather conditions over there. Hopefully, it won't wreck the filming schedule again...

guess what? it could happen all over again! Possible rain has been predicted for the Wanaka area in the next day or so. The lakes water levels may not have lowered enough yet, so the next deluge could bring more flooding.

Considering that Wanaka township was half underwater (stopping trampers from comming out of the mountains in the process) over the last several days, I would say this has caused some major disruption to any filming in the area.

No confirmation of this though - NZ media are either co-operating to a major extent with a media blackout, or for some bizzare reason are just not interested in 1.. the biggest film project in the world to date (not that much of an exaggeration), or 2.. a project that involves large numbers of New Zealanders and locations throughout New Zealand.

It's not actually hard to find someone who is involved - or knows someone involved with LOTR (half my friends are involved in some way).

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