More on those WETA Servers - That's not a Nazgul, that's a Penguin!

The Beast
Someone over at SlashDot.Org has picked up some more info on those wonderful computers they will be using to render Lord of the Rings.

The great thing about the article is that they have linked to two pictures of the machine that will do all the rendering.

"Came across this article in The New Zealand Herald the other day. Seems that Weta Digital is now moving over to Linux for the rendering work on Lord of the Rings. Two quotes from the article especially caught my eye: [1)] 'We were able to get the SGI 1200 servers for about $15,000 each or $7500 a processor, and they run more than twice as fast as the [$40000] Octanes for pure rendering.' [and 2)] 'Just by putting in a Linux processor, the price to do a frame is up to a tenth of the cost as on an SGI workstation [running SGI's Irix operating system] so the things we can attempt are more complex.'"

Make sure you head on over to the site and check out what people's comments are. Thanks for for the news.

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