More News from New Zealand - Another Newspaper Article from New Zealand

Another great article forwarded to us from David Hill. Thanks!

"...Intense secrecy – paranoia, even – surrounds Jackson’s preparations. Miramax in Miramar has become a Black Hole from which no news can escape, only anti-news: Sean Connery will probably not be playing Gandalf; Keanu Reeves will probably not be playing Aragorn; the Wizard of Christchurch [] would like to play Saruman, but probably won’t.

"Even the website graphics are evocative but almost indecipherable. In the case of Gollum: “we were so paranoid…we under-lit him to the point of not knowing what we’re looking at.” Locations are similarly shrouded. By a happy accident of plate tectonics, New Zealand possesses the geological extremes ideal for LOR, a cinematic alternation of starkness and plenty. From the rugged magic of the Remarkables to the pastoral cosiness of the Waikato, this country might have been Middle Earth itself..."

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