Middle-earth's landscape uncovered - NZ Press takes a look into the surrounding area

NZ Press has recently published an article detailing the scenery around Fiordland, giving mention to the Lord of the Rings production. Giving a nice idea of what kind of feeling to expect from the films, the article is a bit lengthy, so I'll just post a small excerpt here. You can view the piece in its entirety at New Zealand Press Online:

Goblin's beard dangling from sun-dappled trees lends an authentic air of old age to the Jurassic forest. No wonder Fiordland will be the backdrop for much of Peter Jackson's film version of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

This mixed beech-podocarp forest is incredibly species-rich. The ever-peeling bark of the red-flowered fuchsia, light-green spread of tree ferns above ground-hugging umbrella moss, towering silver and red beech, rimu and kahikatea, and the delicate Easter and bamboo orchids perched high in their host trees.

Along with the occasional trill of tomtit and bellbird, the squawk of the kaka and parakeet, is the Hollyford's hum as it picks its rocky route to the coast.

Sun-bleached skeletons of flood-felled trees litter the beds of docile streams. Branches bow under the weight of hitchhiking epiphytes. Windfall trees reveal the thin grasp on Mother Nature they hold with their broad pancake of roots.
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