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Michael Martinez posted in the message ring this excerpt from an interview with Ian McKellen (Gandalf).

Ian McKellen, who plays Gandalf in Peter Jackson's upcoming Lord of the Rings film trilogy, told Inquest magazine that he had no problem using a stunt double in the epic movies, according to a report on the Ananova Web site. "When I realized on Last Action Hero that even so fit a gent as Arnold Schwarzenegger has a double, I lost any worries about being thought weedy," McKellen told the magazine.

McKellen added, "Doubles have a double advantage: It means that two Gandalf scenes can be shot simultaneously, and so the schedule progresses." McKellen said that he found a scene with the demonic Balrog the most difficult to film. "Confronting the Balrog was hard because, whatever you eventually see in [the first Rings film] The Fellowship Of The Ring, all I saw aloft in the studio was a yellow tennis ball--Gandalf's eyeline for the monstrous, fiery creature."

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