McKellen Answers Questions In Real Time - Yahoo! Chat

Ian McKellen as Gandalf, as seen in the Internet Preview.
Yesterday Ian McKellen participated in a Yahoo! chat in which he answered questions about his role as Magneto in X-men and answered the following about The Lord of the Rings:

Yahoo: Has PJ changed the story much?

IM: Yes, he's translated it from 3 books into 3 films, so it has changed alot, has he changed the story? no. We literaly go back to Tolkien's work and re-read what he wrote.

IM: I've just been working with Christopher Lee (Saruman) the great English horror movie actor.

Yahoo: Did you have any experince riding before lotr started filming and are you learning it/finding it enjoyable?

IM: I've been riding on and off for 30 years and that is the only time that I ride. My horse was so frisky that it had to be controlled out of site of the camera by 6 hefty wranglers.

This is perhaps the boldest confirmation that Peter Jackson is departing from Tolkien's written word... What do you think? Go to the Messageboard!

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