March 2001 Force of Hobbit Report - E! Online

If you're a regular reader of Tolkien Online's front page, you may have noticed that there's not been much news about the film the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, this month's E! Online Force of Hobbit report is short of hard news as well, although it does make for some fun "soft" news reading.
  • On Location: An interview with Billy Boyd (Pippin) and Dominic Monaghan (Merry), the two "Fonzies of the Shire."
  • The Latest Word: Filming miniature sets, the cast moves on to other projects, and the Orcs' Big Mac attack.
  • Ask the Insider: News Flash - Sean Connery is NOT Gandalf!, DVD director's cut, CGI Shelob, and Ian McKellen's nose.

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