LOTR Teaser Trailer Confirmed on Little Nicky DVD - Get out them rental cards!

On Friday we reported that the Little Nicky DVD has a hidden version of the Lord of the Rings teaser trailer that originally came out in theatres in January of this year. I've done a bit of research and have received various emails from a number of folks confirming that the trailer is on the DVD! I've yet to see it myself, but will do so tomorrow, April 24th (the day the DVD is fully released to the public). So break-out your video rental cards and take a gander at the LOTR trailer FRAME BY FRAME (if you have the time, that is :-) )!

Here's how to see the trailer on the DVD:
· Go into Special Features
· Choose the Central Park path (the middle path) to get to the list of features.
· With Nicky sitting on a park bench, keep on hitting left on your remote until a halo pops into view over his head.
· Hit enter, sit back, and relax!

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