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"Apparently Elijah is going to be breaking our hearts with his transformation over the course of this film."
Harry of Ain't It Cool News shares his conversation with Lord of the Rings co-screenwriter Phillipa Boyens at the Austin Film Festival, where she gave her impressions of how cast members have grown into their roles over the past year of filming.

I recently had the pleasure to spend some time with LORD OF THE RINGS co-screenwriter Phillipa Boyens, while she attended the AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL... and she did a very good job of staying quiet about the current division of the films, any plot twists or how they've adapted certain sequences. She wouldn't describe the Balrog, wouldn't tell me if it had wings or not... BUT... She did comment on the actors and actresses in the film... and she is absolutely convinced that Orlando Bloom is going to be quite something by the time this series is over. She said that his work as Legolas is simply supreme. Apparently Viggo Mortensen has completely become Aragorn/Strider... that now when she is writing or researching she sees only his image in her mind. Apparently Elijah is going to be breaking our hearts with his transformation over the course of this film. That he's been nailing his dark, under the influence of the ring scenes to a T... his frail and fragile nature under the ring's weight... That you can see from beginning to end a transformation in his eyes... at least as she's seen thus far. One of the most surprising performances for her has been Liv Tyler as she apparently has a very easy natural seeming delivery of Elvish that is just beautiful to listen to... Phillipa then began speaking in Elvish... albeit in a Kiwi accent... and I just wanted to melt. Too Cool. Christmas 2001 is too far from now.

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