LOTR Limited Edition Soundtrack Scans - Lyrics to "Aniron," "Lament for Gandalf," "The Prophecy", "May It Be"

"Hey guys. Amazon sent me the Special Edition of the Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack last night, and I thought you and your readers who weren't yet able to purchase this might want a look at what they could be getting. -- Khakiass"

CD Case.

CD Sleeve.

Booklet Front Cover.

Booklet Back Cover.

Pages 1-2.

Pages 3-4.

Pages 5-6.

Pages 7-8.

Pages 7-8.

Pages 9-10.

Pages 11-12.

Pages 13-14.

Pages 15-16.

Pages 17-18.

Pages 19-20.

Pages 21-22.

"The music itself is truly excellent...I can't wait to see it mesh with Jackson's images. I'm particularly anxious for the "Bridge of Khazad-dum" sequence...The music is full of doom-doom-ing drums, and harsh Black Speech for the Balrog...a brief fanfare of the Fellowship Theme as Gandalf breaks the Balrog's sword...a thundering crescendo of jangling strings as the Bridge is broken and then one mournful note as Gandalf is taken over the edge, which swells into a breathtakingly sorrowful boy soprano led men's chorus as Olorin falls into the darkness... The 'special content' link is actually quite feature rich...Quicktime movies of a lengthy Enya interview, more behind the scenes footage (with some actual NEW footage) on 'Characters of Middle Earth,' 'Creating Middle Earth,' 'Middle Earth Down Under,' and 'Imagining Middle Earth.' The rest of the site is rounded out by 2 Enya/LOTR desktops, AOL Buddy Images, Email Stationary and Enya E-cards."

Thanks, Khakiass!

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