LOTR Filming will be Moving Soon - Peter Jackson and Crew to move to Northern New Zealand

David Hill (by far the most dedicated LOTR scout in New Zealand!) sent in another quick note with the following info:

I heard on the radio this morning that filming will be moving soon (in the next week or so) to Matamata. (They had the Mayor preparing the hotels, the square etc). Matamata is a small town about 5-6 thousand located past Hamilton.

Matamata is a town about 300 miles north of Wellington, in the northern end of New Zealand. This seems to hold with the info that filming in Wellington would last for five days... Barrie Osborne, LOTR movie producer, also said in the Wellington morning paper, The Dominion that we should be expecting "orcs and Uruk-hai" soon--perhaps they'll be found in Matamata!

Anybody out there know exactly where and what they'll be filming in Matamata?!
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