Lord of the Rings Trailer on DVD! - Little Nicky

Dave D. sped an email over to me with the following rather interesting info:

I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but here's something interesting: (by the way, I don't own this DVD - but this was confirmed by a friend).

The "Little Nicky" DVD has a little surprise on it. If you go into Special Features, you will come across three paths, choose Central Park(the middle path) and this will take you to the list of features. On this screen, you'll see Nicky sitting on a park bench, keep on hitting left on your remote until a halo pops into view over his head. Finally, hit enter, sit back, and enjoy the first appearance of the Lord of the Rings trailer on any DVD!

This is not confirmed yet, however, I'll try and do so immediately! Can anyone else confirm this? Email me!

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