Lord of the Rings Not a "Kiddie Thing" - Reel.com

After apologizing for calling LOTR fans "geeks" in a recent article, Reel.com's Jeffrey Wells warns a correspondant that we aren't "kiddies" either.

"You forgot to mention the Thanksgiving and Christmas big-budget Hollywood films. Primarily family fare, although sometimes we see summer-type action films. This year's are Harry Potter, Monsters Inc., and Lord of the Rings. Most of these films aren't reaching for the awards — they are simply after parents' wallets. After which the kids will say, 'Okay, we've opened the presents, we've eaten ...now what do we do?'" — Ross Williams

Wells to Williams: I wouldn't characterize Lord of the Rings as a kiddie thing if I were you. Rings fans, who come in all ages and sizes, are a prickly bunch. I referred to the core Rings fan base as "geeks" a few months ago and nearly got lynched. And having heard Harry Knowles describe himself proudly as a geek for years, I meant it respectfully.

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