Lord Of The Rings actress says her character 'has a bit of guts' - NewsWire: Ananova

Miranda Otto says her character in the next two Lord Of The Rings films has hidden depths.

She says Eowyn is not "some wimpy kind of Sleeping Beauty character".

Otto plays her in The Two Towers and The Return Of The King.

The character goes from being a member of court to a warrior.

Otto tells www.usatoday.com Eowyn is "slightly cold, white, emotionally distant, a lady.

"But once Aragorn comes along, there's a huge well of feeling for him. She's a very passionate person underneath," she said.

"She's not some wimpy kind of Sleeping Beauty character, but someone with a bit of guts.

"She falls in love, but her love is unrequited, and she dresses up as a man, goes to war and kills the king of the witches."

Otto says one of the best bits about being involved in the film was the sword fighting.

"It was fun, extremely liberating. I'd like to do more of it, even though I stabbed someone in the leg!"

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