Lord of the Onion Rings Brings us New Images - But first...Answer me These Riddles 10

I recently attended court at the King Burger's castle on a mission to sample the new sourdough bacon cheeseburger (good, but for the excessive bun grillin' butter, btw). Inside the monarch's realm, I noticed the advertisements for a BK sponsored LOTR website...interesting, I thought.

I ran back to work as fast as my value-meal laden stomach could carry me and checked out www.lotr.bk.com. There I was faced with the not so daunting task of solving 10 LOTR riddles. After a few attempts (I won't lie, it took me three) I solved all ten and was granted access to 18 images from the upcoming movie. Some I had seen before, but there were some new (and rather impressive) ones. Don't miss the flash animation on the home page either.

There is also a "new" trailer, but I'm not sure if it's a new "new" trailer or the old "new" trailer. Downloading with my connection takes longer than attendance at Ent School.

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