Long-Time Film Supporter Blasts Jackson for "an Obvious and Blatant Departure from Tolkien" - Michael Martinez Says Plate Armor Doesn't Belong in Middle-earth

The straw that broke the oliphaunt's back?
Michael Martinez -- webmaster of science faction and fantasy website Xenite.org, Tolkien columnist for Suite101.com, and author of the book Visualizing Middle-earth -- now believes there may no longer be sufficient reason to see Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings movies.

Martinez announced to members of his Xenite.org webring that he was withdrawing his two-year-long support of the films after photographs of Gondor soldiers wearing black plate armor appeared in New Zealand's The Evening Post. These pictures were published just days after Peter Jackson's press conference on the Minas Tirith set, during which Jackson told reporters that he and his writers were "getting closer and closer to the books."

Here is what Martinez had to say to readers of his Suite101 column:

Barely two days after Peter Jackson stood before the world and claimed he was moving closer toward the books with his so-called interpretation, The Evening Post (whose reporters had been barred from the news conference) reveals just how far apart Jackson and Tolkien really are. Don't get mad, Peter. You must have known what we'd say when those of us who supported you for two years learned we had been betrayed and misled.

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UPDATE 3:30 pm November 21, 2000

Michael has informed us that he failed to make it clear that his objections to the films had to do with Peter Jackson's recent announcement that he was now being faithful to Tolkien -- the plate armor just happened to be the latest example that the films still deviated from the books. Since the films are no longer touted as being just an interpretation, Michael feels that attacks for unfaithfulness are now justified.

Follow the link below to read Michael's clarification.

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