Liv Tyler to Play Part of Arwen Evenstar (Updated 2:15pm) - DeLuca confirms recent rumours.

Liv Tyler, daughter of orally-gifted Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler, is reported as being confirmed by Michael DeLuca (New Line Cinema President) in an article reported by Joram over at He reports from a fan, saying "I e-mailed DeLuca about this, and he says she's been cast as Arwen. She will also most likely have brittish accent." Check out the full article at

For more info on Liv Tyler from the IMDB, go here. Or, check out her official web site.
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Also, look for our new LOTR Movie Cast page real soon--up to date with this week's confirmations of Christopher Lee as Saruman and Liv Tyler as Arwen.
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UPDATE: I just got a message from Cirdan at Der Herr Der Ringe... He emailed Michael DeLuca asking "Will Liv Tyler play Arwen?" and got a prompt response saying, that "Yes she will." Looks like this is definitely a done deal; two confirmations of this in the same day seem to surely point in that direction!

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